IMDb: New List (LMN)

I have started a new list of favorite Lifetime movies on IMDb. Here is the blurb I posted for it:

“A long time ago, I used to watch the Lifetime Movie Network pretty habitually. The movies I became most attached to were usually ones that I related to in some way (namely the depressing ones about troubled females with dysfunctional lives and families). Some of the movies here are not strictly Lifetime movies but are made-for-TV movies I first (or repeatedly) saw on LMN. They are mostly ones that I consider very good movies and, more often than not, a fair grade or two above regular television movies.

Some of these titles may also be on my “Favorite Movies” general list. That’s because they are so good, in my opinion, and so much a part of me that they can’t be separated from that category. Also, as with the aforementioned list, they are mostly not listed in any specific order. A lot of these, I start watching and I just cry for th duration.

In other words, if you didn’t know what LMN was before, that’s pretty much the type of fare you can expect, and those are the good movies. You will not find any of those lame jokes on this list about the nanny who wants to take over the family and pushes the mother’s (who she has already disabled in a previous attempt) wheelchair down the stairs. With her in it. That’s also pretty typical of LMN movies. I find that garbage utterly boring, but I love and miss LMN because of all of the things below it has given me. “

Click here to see the list.