My favorite voices

In no particular order as of now:

Floor Jansen

Philip Quast

Ofra Haza recorded this song in 17 languages before she died.

Tom Hulce

Damian Wilson

Ruthie Henshall

Irene Cara – I admit, I used to love this show as a young podling. I don’t know if it’s a Top of the Pops style format in that she is just lip syncing, but it seems too perfect (i.e., identical to the original) and I can’t see any sign that she is actually singing. Erm, also, the dancing…

Julian Casablancas

Michael Ball

Laura Branigan – Try not to pay too much attention to the video or the cheesy vibraphone music at the beginning.

Unfortunately, I do not have a recording or a hyperlink for this last voice and it is one I will never hear again. The timbre of it was in a way lilting and, at the same time, warm and golden. I’m not talking about Elvis but, to me, he was the King.