Strangers on Earth

I have made this website for my family, for the purposes of sharing things that are meaningful to us with each other, as well as with others.  I tend to have a hard time getting started with new projects, as there are either too many or too few things in my head to set them down in what I can be sure is a finished product.  On top of that, I don’t get a lot of time in a day to dedicate to the things I’d like to.  Therefore, I have decided to start posting whatever comes into my head at any given time and then adding updates at a later time, should something else come up that I feel the need to add to it.  With that in mind, consider this my first official post.

I have called our website “Strangers on Earth”, to encompass the mindset I have about my family and our place in the world.  I would consider my family and I to be aliens on Earth.  I know that each of us have differences that would make us seem strange to others, certainly ones which create difficulties for each of us.  I can’t speak as much for them but I, myself, must say that I find it painful on a regular basis to find myself constantly at odds with the world in which I live.  I worry that my children will suffer with the same problems as I have my whole life and I want to do everything I can to protect them from the hardship it can cause.  Some people have a hard time fitting anywhere, no matter what they do, and it tends to create a feeling of being nomadic throughout life and in the world.

Perhaps there are some reading this who can relate to this condition.  In any case, I hope you find it worth your while to peruse our site.  You will find posts on a variety of topics, as well as other types of content that I or other members of my family have created.  Thank you for your time.